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Thursday September 7, 2000


I emailed a copy of Island Life to a good buddy of mine today.  He's worked with several of the majors out in LA and I really appreciate his opinion.  Looking forward to hearing his notes.

Island Life is a screenplay that I worked on for nearly a year.  I haven't shown it to anyone in the industry, so this is the toes in the water.  Been waiting around by the phone ever since.

Island Life is a quick read.  It's only at 92 pages since I hacked about everything I possibly could out of the script that didn't move the story forward.  It has some problems in the first few pages, but nothing that I can not remedy with another re-write.

It took me years to learn how to re-write.

I always thought that my first drafts were my final drafts.


I didn't look at the work objectively.

I used to think that the works of Hemingway were perfect.  Now I see ways that I would have gone in a different direction.   It takes a little away from the book reading and movie going experience, but it's rare that I don't see the writer at work.

The great ones rewrite and rewrite and rewrite.

Kind of like polishing stones.

I love re-writing now.

Strange how things change with time.

When I emailed the screenplay, my buddies final draft program couldn't pull it up.  Anyone else have a problem like that with different versions of Final Draft?  He uses 5 something and I use Final Draft 4 something.

I added more screenwriting links to the site today.  I hope they are useful to the pros and amateur screenwriters alike.

I read my Screenplay Island Life out loud today.  I found a couple of boo-boos and fixed them.  It's amazing how I always find mistakes when I take the time to read the screenplay out loud.  It really gives you a feel for the pacing and the true length of the film.

Saw Space Cowboys the other day.  I fell asleep.  Was it that I was just tired or was it really just that boring?  I like all of the actors in the movie.  And I'm a NASA junkie.

All the best on your pages today!

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